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Graphic showing the confluence of the financial and technology industries

Fintech: an opportunity or a threat?

Around the world, fintech is disrupting the financial services industry. But is it really a disruption or a welcome change?

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By , Senior Executive Vice-president

Read how fintechs are pushing the traditional players in the financial industry to adapt or die, and see how National Leasing is innovating.

By , Talent Acquisition, Human Resources

Whether your company consists of a few dozen or a few thousand employees, a candidate-friendly and on-brand talent acquisition strategy is essential.

By , Media Relations Representative for FB Solutions

Is your business prepared for a merger? Consider the effect it will have in all business areas before teaming up with another company.

By , Public Relations Coordinator

For refugees settling in a new country, interaction with locals is just as important as monetary donations or supplies. Find out what we did to help.

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