Equipment Brokers

Let's create custom leasing solutions for Canadian businesses

As a broker you know that a good equipment lease is more about fit than it is about price. And when it comes to fit, no leasing company has more experience creating custom leasing solutions for Canadian businesses than National Leasing. More importantly, that expertise spans almost all business sectors within Canada, so that you can have confidence that no matter who your client is, we'll be able to help you design a solution that fits them perfectly.

We’ll make you look good.

We respect the relationship you have with your customers, and the importance of maintaining your brand’s integrity throughout the equipment leasing process. For that reason - if you prefer - we’ll make sure that all customer related communication and documentation from National Leasing carries your brand. We’ll even refer any of your existing customers back to you should they ever contact us directly about new business.

How can we help you today?

Customer service is the cornerstone of a great leasing partner. That’s why National Leasing employs more customer support staff than any other lessor in Canada. As a National Leasing broker partner you’ll receive your own dedicated Account Manager who will be there to help you get more approvals and close more deals. You’ll also have access to our proprietary online technologies that link you directly to our approvals department, allowing you to submit applications to National Leasing and send documents to your customers quickly and easily. It’ll be like having a team of leasing professionals in your back office.

Flexibility is the key to client bliss.

Being able to offer a tailored solution that addresses a client’s needs is the fastest way to a happy client. That’s why National Leasing offers so many term and buyout options, allowing you to adapt a lease’s terms to exactly match a business’s cash flow cycles and payment needs. And for those particularly challenging quotes your dedicated National Leasing Account Manager is only a phone call away to help you configure the perfect lease for your customer.